Q: Who is the owner of Elceno Gardens?
A: Elceno Global Services Ltd

Q: When will my plot be allocated?
A: Immediately after 100% payment of the land and document fees.

Q: What do I get after completion of payment?
A: Receipt,Deed of Assignment Survey and Allocation Letter

Q: Would there be any legal fee for Deed of Assignment,Survey and Developmental Fee?
A: Yes,there is Deed of Assignment Fee of N50,000,Survey and Developmental Fee depending on the location as both fees differs with location.

Q: Can I resale my property?
A: A subscriber can resale his/her plot. However,Letter of Notice for transfer of ownership should be written to Elceno Global Services Limited after payment.

Q: What is the plot Size?
A: There is 50ft x 100ft,60ft x 120ft and 50ft x 50ft respectively depending on the location.

Q: Can I pay to your staff?
A: While we are not discrediting anybody,we strongly advice that cash payment should be made to ELCENO GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED BANK ACCOUNT(1023325983 UBA) otherwise,online bank transfer or cheque should be issued in favour of GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED BANK ACCOUNT(1023325983 UBA),we would not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of the deviation from above instruction.